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Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor Fireplace

The word fireplace to most people conjures up an image of a hearth, chimney, the whole shebang. However, outdoor fireplaces are an increasingly popular alternative.Besides being generally easy to purchase and place, outdoor fireplaces provide a number of improvements and opportunities for your outdoor living space.


Who can deny that sitting by the fireside, drinking, reading, or even simply lounging in silence, is relaxation at its finest? The calm crackle of a fire in the privacy and comfort of your own backyard provides you with your very own retreat. It also makes for a wonderful, intimate setting to unwind with your partner or family.


Simply put, fireplaces are beautiful. They add a certain depth and character to your landscape that is unlike anything else. Whether your fire serves to bring a rustic flair to your yard, dress up your lawn with a little style and elegance, or transport you to a tropical oasis without the hassle of a plane ride, an outdoor fireplace is a simple addition to make a statement of personal style.


An outdoor fireplace can also provide plenty of opportunity for entertainment of guests. Simply add some simple seating or blankets around it, and voila! Your guests will be impressed with your refined side, and they’ll enjoy the warmth and camaraderie as you all kick back around the flames.

Seasonal Advantages

Aside from the aesthetic and social advantages, an outdoor fireplace extends the usable season of your yard or patio. On chilly autumn or winter days when it would normally be too cold to sit out, an outdoor fireplace can provide a warm gathering place in the comfort of your own yard. Plus, what’s better than sitting around a fire, sipping hot chocolate?


Speaking of chocolate, an outdoor fireplace makes s’mores and other campfire-themed treats convenient and easy. Sure, you could make s’mores over the stovetop, or you could go into the woods and build a fire from scratch and get eaten alive by bugs . . .  but why would you when you have a fireplace in your backyard?

Bug Repellant

Speaking of bugs, how many outdoor gatherings have been riddled with itching bites from that most infamous of unwanted guests – the mosquito? Having an outdoor fireplace can produce smoke to repel mosquitoes and other insects, keeping you and your guests more comfortable and relaxed.

These are only a few advantages to having your own outdoor fireplace; many other opportunities and benefits are possible. To find out more about your options for an outdoor fireplace, please contact us.

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