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Are you looking for some backyard garden landscape design ideas to help spruce up your rental property’s outdoor space? Well, it is actually a lot easier and much more cost effective than you might think. When looking for backyard ideas for your rental property, you want them to be low maintenance, cost effective, and consistent.


Top 5 Rental Property Landscaping Ideas

While you can’t escape doing maintenance landscaping on your rental property, you can definitely make the job easier for yourself! These ideas will help increase the value of your rental home while saving you time and money in the long run.


1) Low Maintenance Shrubs

The best cheap landscaping ideas don’t actually look cheap at all. You can really add curb appeal by investing in some low maintenance bushes. The Franklin’s Gem boxwood is the benchmark when considering low maintenance front yard landscaping. It is a deer, insect, and disease-resistant shrub that only requires a bit of pruning in the winter to keep appearance tidy.

These types of plants are also a great landscape idea for separating yards. If you are looking for a more floral look, turn to the Stewartstonian Azalea or the Crepe Myrtle. The bold color alone is enough to enhance your outdoor garden design, but the really impressive part is that it can handle almost any environment. Even in the colder months this shrub will add beauty with well-draining soil and partial sunlight.



2) Fencing

Everyone always talks about the modern American home with the white picket fence, but did you know that there are inexpensive yard fences that can provide that same aesthetic?

Most fencing can cost up to $35-$55 per linear foot, but you can install an attractive front or backyard fence at a much more cost efficient price. Treated pine ranges from $12-$19 per linear foot with installation and is incredibly durable. Treated pine is also customizable and can be painted to really add a pop of color to your property.

If wood is not your thing, a wrought iron fence is another great, visually appealing option. Wrought iron is a bit more expensive at $24-$32 per linear foot, but it adds extra security while giving your property a classic revivalist look.


3) DIY Fire Pit

Some of the best backyard garden ideas can actually be created with items you can find for free around your home. Creating your own fire pit is a fun and value adding DIY project.

With some stone, a shovel, and a little bit of elbow grease you can create a fire pit that anyone would love to sit around. Just dig a decent size hole approximately 6 inches deep with a diameter of 4.5 feet. Lay some loose gravel on top for safety, then surround the area with larger stones that can easily be found on a casual walk around your local park.

After that, all you need to do is add some low cost seating like logs or camping chairs. You’ll have a beautiful fire pit that your tenants, friends, and family can sit around and enjoy.


4) Plant Mature Trees

When it comes to landscaping many people believe that planting a big beautiful flower bed will really enhance their garden. Instead, the best backyard garden ideas follow the less-is-more strategy. Flowers are delicate and need lots of maintenance.

Planting trees is a better way to landscape your yard on a budget. Trees require very little, if any, maintenance, especially if you buy more mature trees.

The American Holly is a broadleaf evergreen tree that changes colors throughout the year, adds privacy, and enhances the look of your yard. The American Dogwood is another classic that will provide you with an array of seasonal colors, and a lush canopy to keep your yard shaded.


5) Low Cost Lighting

Low cost lighting may be the best outdoor gardening idea. Outdoor lighting is sure to make your tenants prefer to be outside. You don’t need expensive landscape lighting that requires an electrician to install.

Hanging string lights are incredibly durable, easy to install, and provide a resort style level of beauty that is hard to match. A single strand can cover 50 square feet and will cost you less than $60. These lights will transcend your guests to a simpler time, and create an extremely attractive ambiance for your property.

Though you can spend a lot of money on things such as artificial turf to make your rental property’s yard maintenance simple, you don’t have to. These low cost alternatives will save you money on landscaping both in the short term and the long term!

If you want help from the professionals, our team at CLC Inc. will get the job done!


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