6 Commercial Trends in Landscaping to Watch for in 2020

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Water Features - Popular Trends

Water Features are Popular Trends

When it comes to determining how your prospective clients, employees and future tenants view your business, your landscaping plays an important role. Regardless of the scale of your business, adding a breathtaking landscape can establish your commercial property as a thriving and welcoming environment. With that in mind, here are the latest commercial landscaping trends for 2020 that will help you create a more charming and inspiring landscape, while saving you money and time on maintenance.

Commercial Landscaping Trends in 2020

Low Maintenance Landscape Design

The number one trend this year is in lower maintenance landscaping. A simple, inviting landscape that doesn’t require a lot of help is in high demand by commercial clients across the US. This is particularly helpful in more urban settings: space is limited and the environment is harsher for plants in the city vs suburbs or rural areas.

Some great low maintenance options include drought tolerant plants, perennials that don’t need replanting, and replacing grassy areas with stone or mulch.

Multi-Purpose Plants

Plants don’t have to just be decorative! Clients are leaning towards plantings that can provide multiple functions. Whether you’re trying to avoid bugs, guide your guests along a particular path, or even setting the mood with scent, maximize your plant choices!

Lavender, citronella, and mint are great for helping to prevent bugs. Lavender and mint are also strong scented plants that are great for helping set the mood for your clients. Bushes and other shrubs like Boxwoods and Crepe Myrtles can help guide your guests.

Water Features

Water features are a classic for a reason! Water features of all kinds remain one of the most talked about and requested aspects of a commercial landscape design. And not only are they beautiful, the sound of water is relaxing, drawing people to your space.

Blue Flowers

2020’s Color of the Year was Classic Blue. This color is being brought into landscaping, interior design, websites, and more. Add a touch of blue to your landscaping with blue hydrangeas, blue stars, or balloon flowers.

Melding Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

People have been trying to combine indoor and outdoor elements in ways that make the transition seamless between inside and outside. It doesn’t matter you’re bringing the outside in with new planters, large windows, or french doors or bringing the inside out with covered gazebos or cushioned chairs. This trend has been building for several years and will continue to do so!

You are going to see or hear about new landscaping trends every year but the key is to adopt the features that best highlight your commercial property and are smarter for your business.

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