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What Does Crabgrass Look Like?

what is crabgrass

Crabgrass, a common grassweed in the Lynchburg, Virginia area, emerges in spring and becomes visible in early summer. Smooth or hairy varieties of crabgrass may appear in your lawn. Given its stubborn nature, proactive planning of prevention and treatment methods is crucial to effectively address this issue. Learn how to identify crabgrass to develop a

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Lawn Aeration Tips

Best Time to aerate lawn

Achieving a lush and healthy lawn requires thoughtful care, and one crucial aspect often overlooked is aeration. When considering the best time to aerate your lawn, it’s essential to synchronize this process with the specific needs of your grass. Aeration plays a pivotal role in promoting optimal root growth, enhancing nutrient absorption, and improving overall

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Pruning Trees in the Winter

Winter Tree Pruning – Can you Trim Trees in the Winter? Now that the leaves are changing, it’s time to think about getting your landscape ready for the winter season. You may want to think about pruning trees in winter, as winter can be one of the best times to encourage new growth on your

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How to Revive a Wilted Plant

How to revive a dried out plant

Do you have a beloved houseplant that’s seen better days, with leaves drooping and soil as dry as a desert? Don’t despair – there’s hope for reviving your dried-out plant and bringing it back to lush, green life. In this guide, we will walk you through the essential steps and tips on how to rescue

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