Bush Hogging

Bush Hogging in Lynchburg VA

Bush Hogging by CLC Inc. offers flexibility in four areas – size of area, soil type, terrain and root removal – any combination of which can be customized based on your needs. We are passionate about what we do and understand how important it is to have the right landscape cleared quickly, so our team will discuss everything with incredible detail before beginning work on the project.

What is Bush Hogging?

Also known as brush hogging, bush hogging is a landscaping practice that involves the use of a special rotary-cutting deck attachment to eliminate brush. The rotary cutting deck is the bush hog. It’s attached to the back end of a tractor where it’s able to chop down bushes. As the tractor pulls the bush hog, it will clear lots by chopping down bushes in its wake.

Why Is Bush Hogging Important?

Most people who seek out bush hogging services do so after an area of land has gone unmaintained for a lengthy period of time. This could be due to an inheritance of unkept property, the desire to utilize land for a new or different purpose (such as hunting or beekeeping), or as simple as routine grounds upkeep performed at the changing of seasons.

Dead or overgrown land does little to benefit the property owner and may even prevent surrounding farms, parks and other environmental areas from thriving. By cutting back weeds and grasses, the nutrient-rich soil can be used to nourish other valuable plant life, which in turn allows insects and animals to return to the land and interact with flora in a favorable way.

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