Top Landscaping Ideas for Church Grounds

The front of a church is the first thing that people see when they come to visit, and having an inviting and beautifully landscaped lawn can be a great way to welcome guests. A well-maintained church landscape can also help create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, which can be beneficial for those attending services or events. With that in mind, here are some creative church landscaping ideas.

Landscaping Around Church Signs

landscaping around church signsAs opposed to the cold, hard vibes of a concrete sign, adding plants can immediately make any church seem more inviting to its members and guests. Not only do they soften up those rigid corners, but also instantly add an appealing touch. This is one of the most common landscaping ideas for the front of a church.

However, not all plants are a good fit; they need to be short enough to not cover the sign and resilient enough to live with minimal water or maintenance.

Plants like hollies fit the guidelines we are looking for. They stay all year without getting too big and are easily pruned.

Create a Garden Pathway

Landscaping ideas for front of Church

Garden pathways can be used to guide visitors from the church entrance to other areas such as gardens or special seating areas. This is especially helpful for those with mobility issues who may not be able to make their way across grassy areas without assistance. If possible, try to keep pathways wide enough so that two people can walk side by side comfortably. Also consider adding features such as outdoor lighting along pathways, cobblestones, or steppingstones for added interest.


Create an Outdoor Gathering Space

An outdoor seating area or gathering space is a great way to create an inviting atmosphere for church members. It can expand your church’s usable space, creating a spot for plenty of church activities like Vacation Bible School, Bible studies, and even just some fresh-air lunches.

This can be set up with benches, tables and chairs, umbrellas for shade, and planters filled with colorful flowers. Consider adding a small water feature such as a fountain or pond to add the sound of running water to the ambiance.

Plant Shade Trees

It’s hard to relax outside when the 95-degree summer heat is beating down on you. That’s what makes shade trees one of the most important elements of any landscape and implementing trees is especially important to churches. They provide shade and green space, as well as beauty and character so that church members and staff can have outdoor relaxation.

There are many types of trees to consider but some popular ones in Virginia include Black Oak, Red Maple, London Plane Trees, American Hornbeam, and Red Cedar. Keep in mind that each type of tree has its own specific needs, and you should research what will work best for your particular location before making any decisions.

If you’re interested in learning more about the best shade trees in Virginia, click here!

Install Outdoor Seating

install outdoor seating at church

Outdoor seating helps create inviting spaces where visitors can sit and relax while enjoying the outdoors at church. Benches are an easy way to provide seating, but if you want something more unique you could also look into Adirondack chairs or even larger outdoor loveseats with cushions for extra comfort. The type of seating you choose will depend on your budget, available space, and personal style preference so it’s worth exploring several options before making a decision.


church flowersAdd Color to your Church Landscape Design with Flowers


Flowers add color, texture and fragrance to any outdoor area so why not add them to your church landscape design?

Consider planting perennial flowers such as daisies or poppies that will come back every year without having to replant them each springtime. Annuals such as lilies or petunias are great too because they last longer than perennials, although you’ll have to replace them every year if you want them to continue blooming throughout the season.

You can also add containers of cheerful flowers at your front entrance or along walkways. This will offer a welcoming vibe perfect for a place of worship. Packed with flowers, foliage, and even small trees, big planters can hide everything from unsightly trash cans to air conditioning units!

Create Privacy Areas

A peaceful area to take part in prayer and thoughtful reflection should be located away from the more popular used regions of the church grounds.

Privacy areas can be created using hedges or shrubs planted around the perimeter of church property in order to block out noise from busy streets nearby or other church members.

Taller evergreen shrubs like arborvitaes in Virginia work well because they stay green all year round.

Incorporate Water Featureswater features for church

Enhance the front of your church and create a calming environment for visitors to enjoy by installing water features like fountains or small ponds! This will provide a relaxing setting after services or during special events onsite.

A fountain makes a wonderful focal point while the gently trickling water adds movement and tranquility otherwise absent from static landscapes. Also consider installing birdbaths near benches for birds to enjoy and for the eye appeal – these require little maintenance aside from occasionally refilling them during dry seasons!

Install Outdoor Lighting

Finally, don’t forget about installing lighting around your grounds at night – this will allow visitors coming after dark feel safe navigating their way through pathways as well as providing extra security and making your church members feel safe.

For pathways, consider low voltage lights that illuminate subtly without being too bright; alternatively consider ‘starburst’ lights hung around windows/doors illuminating entrances after dusk!

Can’t decide what type of lighting you want? Check out this article HERE to learn more about the differences between uplighting and downlighting your property.

Need Church Landscaping?

By carefully designing features such as pathways, flower beds and seating areas, you will be able to craft beautiful and relaxing spaces for your church members.

If you’re looking to spruce up the exterior of your church, consider hiring a professional landscape company, like CLC Inc. that can help create and maintain an inviting atmosphere.

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