Commercial Lighting Installation Lynchburg Va

Commercial Landscape Lighting Lynchburg Va

Having outdoor landscape lighting in Lynchburg for your commercial business can make all the difference. From up lighting to downlighting, CLC Inc in Lynchburg has years of experience installing just about any type of light there is! Whether you need hardscape lights, retaining wall lights installed, or high quality outdoor path lighting, our team will be able to meet and exceed all expectations with ease.


Why Outdoor Lighting

Studies show that professional quality lighting can increase visibility, safety and security, which in turn can help improve your company’s image. High quality outdoor lighting makes  your business more appealing to customer parking spaces with decorative lights installed.


Outdoor lighting will give your business the aesthetic look you’ve been wanting. From outdoor garden decorative lights to shadowing and illuminating paths. Aesthetics is a big part of what makes your business stand out and we will help you to achieve the look that you want.


Create functional, livable spaces outside around pools, decks or patios with the right light. A wide selection of fixtures and color temperatures allow you to create unique lighting effects for any occasion from a romantic dinner by candlelight to an entertaining party that goes all night long! Different applications and timers give you creative control at your fingertips-whether it’s just soft ambient light while reading in the evening sun or intense illumination when hosting guests late into the night.


Not only will outdoor lighting create easily navigational walking paths in the dark, but it can also provide extra security for your commercial business. Outdoor lighting such as motion activated LED spotlights will light up as soon as someone enters a room with no buttons. This will not only make your commercial property more attractive but also create a safer working environment.


Types of Outdoor Lighting

There are many different styles of outdoor lighting that are used for different purposes. These lights all have value and can provide a beautiful look to your commercial business. Different types of outdoor lighting fixtures include:

  • Spotlights
  • Up/downlights
  • Step Lights
  • Flood Lights
  • String lights
  • Bollard Lights

Commercial Business Lighting

Commercial landscape lighting and outdoor lighting solutions should be a priority both for safety as well as welcoming employees and visitors. To ensure visibility when entering buildings after dark – while also ensuring venue appearance throughout daylight hours. External illumination sources such as landscaping LED fixtures can be installed on sidewalks around businesses premises, providing security floodlights and pole mounted spotlights for maximum lighting effect.

Garden & Walkway lighting

Spotlights, post lamps, lanterns or lights in a box can be mounted on walls, posts and trees to reduce the need for electricity and create a lovely ambiance. LED Garden lighting is popular due to its durability & cost-efficiency as well as being energy efficient.

Outdoor Hardscape Lighting

LED hardscape lighting is a great way to light up your outdoor living experience. Whether you’re looking for landscaping decorative items or something more functional like patio lightings and driveway lighting, we can provide anything that meets your specifications.

Outdoor Lighting Installation and Design

Our team can create outdoor lighting that will make your business stand out. Count on our expertise with a wide range of design options and installation for an aesthetically pleasing addition to any property.

Get the professional help you need from our experienced team, who has extensive knowledge in all things related to designing effective light solutions for businesses like yours! With affordable prices and quality workmanship guaranteed not to disappoint, it’s time you called us today so we can bring everything together just how you want it – starting right now!


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Beautify your yard by adding a decorative outdoor lighting system. We’ll explore the various options available to determine exactly what you need for your specific property.