Best Professional Snow Removal Equipment

Snow removal is sometimes difficult to handle without professional assistance. In Central and South West Virginia, snow occurrence is pretty common throughout the winter months. Whether you are calling in the snow removal experts to help or decide to proceed on your own, there is specific commercial snow removal equipment you need. So what are the top professional snow removal equipment?

Snow Plows

Commercial snow removal equipment

A snow plow is one of the most important pieces of commercial snow equipment you must have. Whether it’s an apartment complex parking lot, hotel parking lot, or something larger, they are the most common and reliable snow removal equipment. They are often loaded on vehicles and help users get rid of snow on roads, parking lots, and other areas where snow has accumulated. Its angled blades are responsible for pushing off the snow and clearing the path.

This snow moving equipment is most ideal when used on large stable surfaces because they get the work done. However, the ground needs to be strong enough to support the weight of the vehicle that the snow plow has been mounted on.

Salt Spreader


The Avant Centrifugal sand or salt spreader helps you distribute precise doses of ice melt efficiently. When it comes to ice, the best solution is applying compounds, such as salt and calcium chloride, that can cause it to melt. Salt spreaders are pieces of equipment that cast salt and other ice-melting compounds, making the process easier.

Skid Steer

These are special types of commercial equipment often used in construction sites to clear debris. In winter, they can be used for snow removal and work quite effectively. However, for this to work, a special attachment is needed. This is a unique equipment that works in many capacities and serves as a snow bucket for snow collection, a pushup box for plowing large areas, and can also work as a snow blower.

Salt Spreaders are great because it offers versatility as far as snow clearing is concerned. You can use it as sidewalk snow removal equipment because it can easily get into smaller spaces than larger loaders can’t. Most users prefer the skid steer because it moves more snow compared to other equipment. Its compatibility with different attachments makes it easy to use for different purposes. What’s more, it is suitable to use in different regions.

Front end Loader

Assuming your average annual snowfall is reasonable, a front-end loader can be a viable option for removing snow. This equipment works for snow amounts that may need a bit of heavy equipment to tackle.

You certainly need a front end loader snow plow if the snow volume in your area is very high. Ordinary ice removal equipment may not work in such instances, so something more powerful and effective will work better. A front-end loader is a perfect tool for the job. It works by basically scooping snow from one area and depositing it in a different area that does not require clearing. You may consider it a great snow and ice control equipment, especially in a business setup, since snow can be cleared quickly and room made for more business. You can fit a large push box which makes them effective for clearing areas with large square footage. It is more expensive, but its level of efficiency makes it even more worthwhile.

Compact Wheel Loader

This is the ideal equipment for commercial property snow removal for heavy-duty snow removal tasks. It is the kind that is typically required for commercial property maintenance. It is perfect for when you want a backhoe, wheel loader/compact wheel loader, or skid steer because it works for all.

Snow Blower

heavy duty snow removal equipment

A single-stage gas snow blower can clear 6 to 12 inches of snow. These machines have an excellent capacity to move snow around. They are designed to remove snow from sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, and roads.

Commercial Sidewalk Snow Removal Equipment

Sidewalk snow removal can be a challenging task for commercial property owners and managers. We know giving your clients a clear path to your location is a must. The best sidewalk snow removal equipment include a skid steer or a snow blower.

Best Snow Removal Equipment for Parking lots & Driveways

When it comes to commercial parking lot snow removal, you want equipment that will clear a large area efficiently and effectively. The best options for commercial parking lots include a snow plow for larger lots, or a snow blower for a driveway or smaller lot.

Snow Removal Service

CLC’s snow and ice management can help you make a plan to get your street clean, get out of your driveway, and open your business as fast as possible. Our snow removal professionals are on call 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, keeping an eye on the weather, and coordinating with our snow removal team. Contact us today if you need snow removal in Virginia!


Can a skid steer plow snow?

Yes. It can move large amounts of snow at a time.

Can you plow snow with a front loader?

You can use a front-end loader to lift the snow off the ground and move it elsewhere

Do snow blowers damage driveways?

Snow blowers can damage concrete, asphalt, stone, and gravel driveways, but the damage can be minimized by choosing the right blower.

What size snow blower do I need?

The average snowfall depth and the type of snow you get are important factors to consider. Single-stage snow blowers struggle to throw deep, wet, sticky snow. If that’s the type of snow you get regularly, choose a self-propelled two- or three-stage snow blower, even for use in small driveways.


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