Decorate Your Business for Christmas

Increasing Curb Appeal with Tree Lighting
April 12, 2019

CLC Lynchburg, VA Christmas Decorations

Why you should decorate your Business for Christmas

A little holiday spirit can go a long way, especially in regards to profitability. The Christmas season can account for a large portion of retail stores’ business. In fact, some stores have reported making around a third of their yearly profit from November to December. If you’re a business owner, you need to take advantage of this opportunity; however, doing so will require you to decorate your store. While it may seem burdensome to do so, decorating can do a lot for your company’s sales.

This concept is relatively easy to understand. Your store is going to stick out a lot more if it has colorful lights on it accompanied by seasonal music than someone with no lights. Stores with lights are exciting to customers, while not having them makes them look boring.

Whether they want to admit it at not, people like Christmas decorations; otherwise, they wouldn’t spend around 28% more around December.

Plan for decorating

The most important thing when decorating for Christmas is to plan. It is important to plan how you will decorate a few months in advanced. Potential customers can easily pick out rushed and unorganized arrangements, which will not help your store’s sales. Luring customers in your store will require a well thought-out design. Luckily, there is a plethora of ornaments for you to choose from.

Types of decorations to use

Lights are the most used Christmas prop by stores to increase sales. Christmas lights are relatively cheap and allow your store to pop with a bright array or sparkle. These lights can come in multiple colors, but some of the most popular are white, green, and red. These are the light colors people associate the most with Christmas and will attract shoppers all around town.

Who doesn’t love Christmas trees? Christmas trees are a great way to show your Christmas spirit and will help your store stick out among the rest. It’s important to get a prosthetic Christmas tree though because real pine trees can create a mess and require a lot of care. Plus, prosthetic Christmas trees can come in different shapes and sizes to fit any store.

Christmas props are another great way to attract customers to your store. Items like fake presents, ornaments, reeves, nutcrackers, and more can help your Christmas decor stand out over other stores’ designs.

Nothing creates a jovial atmosphere as well as Christmas music does. Christmas music is a great way to extenuate you decorations. Using music is simple. With a stereo system and a good Christmas CD, you can transform your store into an attraction to be beheld.

Christmas decorations’ benefits for non-retail stores

Decorations are not reserved for retail stores. Restaurants that put up Christmas decorations around December normally experience a 5-10% increase in sales compared to restaurants without decorations. Even offices can experience growth due to decorations if they are used correctly.

Make your business sparkle this holiday season!

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