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Current Openings

Lawn Care Technician

Job Summary

The landscape industry is a fast paced and exciting field to start a career in. As a quickly growing landscape firm, CLC Inc. is looking for team members who want to learn and build a career. CLC would like to see you enter as a Landscape Team Member and move up the ladder as an essential and valuable employee. Landscape/ lawn care Team Members are usually promoted to crew leaders if the team member shows drive, determination and leadership.

We pride ourselves on creating the best properties for our clients using topnotch landscaping designs. You will have the opportunity to use your creativity as you assist in bringing landscaping designs to life through planting, trimming, and mowing. You will nurture lawns and plants for our clients through watering, feeding and other necessary tasks to keep them healthy and looking great. Foster team unity as you work together to build new lawns and manage existing ones.


Full time starting at $10-17/hour

Job Responsibilities

  • Care for lawns and plants using a variety of tools, including rakes, shovels, trimmers, and pruning saws, to ensure they remain aesthetically pleasing.
  • Mow the grass using edgers and mowers, keeping it at an optimal height.
  • Keep plants and flowers healthy by pruning and trimming trees and shrubs and weeding, mulching and aerating.
  • Plant new grass and foliage following planned designs to create the design approved by the client and/or landscape designer.
  • Fertilize the lawns and plants and apply any herbicides or pesticides to keep the foliage healthy and thriving.
  • Monitor any sprinkler system to ensure it regularly waters the lawns and reset it as necessary, as well as water by hand when needed to maintain the health of the plants.
  • Keep flower beds and garden areas clean by picking up any dead branches and flowers as well as trimming or picking the plants as needed.
  • Assist in setting up and maintaining outdoor elements such as hardscapes, landscape lighting, or water features.
  • Maintain clients’ landscaping in a variety of weathers

Required Job Skills & Qualifications

  • Detail orientated
  • Excellent Work Ethic
  • Willingness to Learn
  • You are required to have a full range of motion in the upper and lower body in order to walk, crouch, bend, stoop, kneel, lift, pull, push, squat and stand for long periods of time

Landscape/Lawn Care Technicians generally learn necessary skills like mower operation/ hand tool operation and plant installation within a short time period. More advanced job duties are learned over longer periods of time throughout the working experience.

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