Leaf Removal and Cleanup Services

Leaf Cleanup Service in Lynchburg Virginia

Professional lawn care experts at CLC, Inc. provide leaf removal services for businesses throughout Lynchburg. Delivering optimal results with minimal work on your part! Avoid unsightly piles of leaves and debris on your property. We’ll come in and remove leaves and other debris during the fall, as well as continue to maintain your property through the winter.

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Why is Leaf Removal Important?

Leaves and other organic matter that accumulate on your lawn can suffocate the grass beneath them, preventing photosynthesis. This is bad news for a green lawn: leaves must be removed or cleaned up in order to maintain lushness and health of your home landscape.

When Should I get Leaf Removal?

The most common time to get leaf removal done is in the fall to winter months. A majority of leaf removals come in the months of November and December when the leaves begin changing colors and falling from trees.

How Much Does Leaf Removal Cost?

Leaf removal varies in price based upon the size of the yard, along with the lawn’s tree density. It is smart to get leaves removed on multiple occasions rather than all at once!

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Leaf Cleaning Service Lynchburg

As a rule of thumb, professionals say that if you can’t see your lawn, it’s not growing. This means any obstruction on the surface such as leaves prevents oxygen water and nutrients from reaching soil causing damage to blades making them weaker. This reason is why it is hard on plants to grow in winter months.
While several months’ worth of freezing temperatures is hard enough on grass, having obstructed access during the fall makes even harder for lawns surviving through winter.

Get Started With Fall and Winter Leaf Cleanup Today!

Save your lawn by contact our team to cleanup your fallen leaves! Let your lawn breathe and get the nutrients it needs by calling CLC, Inc today!