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Hardscape Installation in Lynchburg

When it comes to hardscape installation for your yard, you want a company whose hardscaping services can provide everything from patios and outdoor kitchens to sidewalks and pergolas. CLC, inc. has more than enough experience for any project you need. We can deliver you a finished product that is not only an architectural masterpiece but also provides the functionality you want.

What is a Hardscape?

Hardscapes are the features of your yard that provide functionality, attractiveness, and permanence. These functional spaces can be as simple as a retaining wall or an outdoor kitchen to more complex options like a water feature or a pergola installed with pavers. Other hardscape elements include:

What You Need to Know Before Installing Your Hardscape

Once you’ve decided to create an outdoor space for a hardscape feature, you need to determine the materials and style you’d like to plan for your yard.

Different types of stone, pavers, or concrete can all be used for your outdoor projects. Durability and aesthetics are things to consider when deciding which direction to go.

Our team at CLC, Inc. has all of the tools to create hardscaping features that will help further improve your home. Not only will you have a beautiful new space, but it also means less of an investment in repairs and maintenance down the road!

Hardscape Design and Installation

Save your yard by adding a retaining wall to maintain your property and prevent erosion. By building a long wall made of rocks or concrete, you will be able to hold the soil in place while preventing water from eroding it away over time.

Expand your outdoor living space with an outdoor kitchen or an outdoor patio. Our hardscaping contractors will help design the perfect fit for you while incorporating elements that bring out your style and complement any architectural features in which it is placed.

Driveways are actually one of the most important elements in a hardscape. Not only is it used every day, but a driveway also is essential to creating curb appeal. You can have many options for designing yours with the help of our team at CLC, Inc.

Simple improvements to your yard can quickly and easily add appeal. Walkways, water features, and stone benches are great ways to help make it more welcoming, while pergolas can provide partial shelter for seating areas, and adding outdoor lighting to your walkways or patio creates a beautiful atmosphere.

Hardscapes are an excellent way to add value and beauty without disrupting the natural landscape.

Our team can create lasting, beautiful additions to your outdoor space that will bring beauty and joy into the lives of you and all those around. Count on our team’s expertise with a wide range of design options as well as installation for an aesthetically pleasing addition to any home.

If you’re considering hardscaping services, our professional team of designers can help bring your vision to life with affordable prices and quality workmanship that will last for years.

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