Tree Downlighting or Tree Uplighting, Which is Best for Curb Appeal?

Tree Downlighting or Tree Uplighting, Which is Best for Curb Appeal?

Many peoples first impression of a business is based on the curb appeal. You’d be surprised at how many times curb appeal is a factor when someone is choosing a business for a product or service. As a business owner, you want the exterior of your property to stand out. Adding commercial lighting and deciding between uplighting vs downlighting to improve your landscape tree lighting can make a lot of difference to the curb appeal of your business.

Tree lights can be physically attached to the tree but are often strings of lights laid throughout the property in an intricate pattern. The lights, when done right, look stylish and create great ambiance. LED lights are the most ideal for tree lighting since they use less energy, last longer, and even come in a variety of colors.

Merits of Front Yard Tree Lighting

While many people concentrate on the aesthetic appeal created by tree lighting, that’s not the only benefit. In fact, curb appeal is about more than just aesthetics.

When the sun goes down, your outdoor space should glow. However, before this can happen you must utilize different types of landscape lighting to highlight fascinating trees and exquisite stone retaining walls in your property. The question is how do we maintain a natural look that doesn’t detract from these appealing features?

The answer may be by utilizing by uplighting or downlighting.

Tree Uplighting Vs Downlighting

The two types of tree lighting are uplights and downlights. Tree uplights are mounted above trees and create a spotlight on its branches. The tree downlights are attached to the trunk of the tree, illuminating the ground around it. So which is better?

Tree Uplightinguplight trees

Tree uplighting is the placement of individual light source at the base of architectural details or points to draw attention. With outdoor uplighting, the lights are typically placed around ground level at a space’s perimeter where they surround and highlight important features such as an entryway, stairs, fireplace–any place that needs more emphasis than what it would get in daylight hours. If you need to uplight trees, here are a few options:

Best Uplighting for Trees:

  • Bullet lights
  • Water Features

Bullet lights

Bullet lighting is a common form of tree uplighting that is popular to use. The standard bullet light fixture is a directional fixture that many people would say resembles the shape of an actual bullet. It’s often what outdoor lighting designers and contractors choose for their workhorse in outdoor design, as it can be used on every side to illuminate different parts of your property.

Bullet lights are typically the best uplighting for trees.

Water Featureswater feature uplight

Uplighting water features can add a beautiful effect that backlights aquatic life. There are placed under the waters surface to create a warm lighting effect.

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Tree Downlighting

Using tree downlighting is a great way to make your garden feel elegant and natural. The lamps are angled so that they hit the ground, not up into the sky like traditional fixtures. Lighting below objects instead of above makes it look more realistic; giving off an inviting glow in all directions on clear nights.

There are three different types of tree downlighting listed below that can be perfect for your business.

tree downlighting

Best Tree Downlighting:

  • Base Lights
  • String Lights
  • Moonlight Effect

Base Lights

One type of a popular downlighting technique is using base lights. Base lights create a very impressive canopy, this is popular with tree downlighting. Also, base lights are more effective when you want to maintain a clear view of your yard. They eliminate shadowing, although shadowing can at times be part of the aesthetic appeal.

Base lights are typically the most common form of tree downlighting.

String Lightsstring lights backyard lighting

One of my favorite types of downlighting fixtures are string lights. Strings lights are liked by many due to their flexibility. You can get creative with string lights, and make some impressive patterns and shapes. String lights are usually easy to install and maintain.

String lights can also go anywhere. For instance, you could attach them along the edges of your sidewalks or parking lot without worrying about the risk of damage.

Some people might not have many or any trees to light up, so these string lights provide illumination that’s not dependent on having trees.

Moonlight Effect

The moonlight effect is achieved by installing bright lights high up in the trees or above them. The light illuminates of the trees and bushes down and creates an beautiful moonlight-like ambiance. The design creates a beautiful cascade of lighting and shadowing all over your yard.

Safety and Security

Picture this: You have a couple of dark trees or flower bushes around your business and a burglar is looking for somewhere to hide so that they can break in. The dark trees will offer them great cover. Light the area up and they would have nowhere to hide.

A recent study found that the addition of new outdoor lighting can reduce crime and increase safety.

Indeed, tree lighting will promote security around your property. Burglars are more likely to stay away if they can’t find anywhere to hide.

Also, you do not want to be tripping on branches or other obstacles if you walk through your property at night. You are less likely to trip if your pathways are properly lit. Here are some designs you might want to consider if you are planning to light up your front yard.

Tree lighting and curb appeal will always go hand in hand. Whether you are seeking to spice up your business for a corporate event or keep your employees safer, tree lighting could do some good. Get in touch with an outdoor lighting professional if you have no idea where you should start. Our team of commercial landscapers can help you with your outdoor lighting design!

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