Five Smart Ways to Increase your Landscape Design for Privacy

Being ogled at by neighboring windows or passersby is a huge predicament for homeowners who dwell in urban or suburban neighborhoods. Are you also looking to keep the prying eyes away from the exposed sections of your backyard so you can unwind in peace? Here are five of the most effective landscaping ideas with privacy in mind that you can try – without jeopardizing the beauty of your home.

Add a Privacy screen

Privacy screens are an excellent alternative to boring fences or concrete walls and can conceal the yard in an aesthetic way. You can choose from an ample range of designs and colors available in the market today and find one that complements your existing yard décor. A well-positioned screen can even be installed as an outstanding art piece. Privacy screens are also extremely easy and convenient to maintain, and you can use them either to mask the entire garden or just the part that exposes you to the onlookers.

Vertical Shade Sail for Privacy

What if your yard is not exposed by the walls or fences, but by the overlooking windows from adjacent houses? For jammed city quarters, shade sails are a perfect choice. Not only do they work for exposed yards but also bar nosy neighbors and unwelcome spectators from bordering high-rise buildings. An ideal alternative to fence-top extensions, hoisting up a shade sail can provide extra shelter and privacy while looking good.

Plant a Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens are likely the most popular option to screen or just completely disguise the uncovered sections of a yard. They provide a solid, affordable and organic way for attaching privacy to your backyard by forming an attractive, natural boundary separating you and any gaps where people can peek through into your garden.

Add Hedging plants

Hedges are essentially tall shrubs or trees that can easily cover walls and fences, proffering greater privacy at significantly lower costs. Unlike brick walls or wood fences, hedges can also enhance air and water quality and embellish the landscape.

Get a Water feature to Block Out Noise

Sometimes privacy is not all about not being seen, but also about not being heard. In the cramped neighborhoods of the modern urban residences, you end up listening to every word from your next-door-neighbor – recognizing that they can overhear you likewise. Installing water features such as waterfalls, streams, and fountains can mask the sound of your conversations as well as the sounds from the outside, providing a peaceful and soothing ambiance to relax in.

Whether you are dealing with inquisitive neighbors or just want a sense of general security, you can use the above-mentioned ideas that will help improve your privacy in your backyard. If you would like a professional consultation or crew to implement your privacy plan contact us today!

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