2D and 3D Landscape Design Services

Landscape Design Services in Central Virginia

When you are adding new landscaping to your property, one of the most important steps is the design process. Landscaping is a big decision and it’s an investment that requires careful consideration. Our team at CLC, Inc. can preview what your landscape will look like once installed on site (before any vegetation has been planted) with either 2D or 3D designs depending on how much detail you want in advance before committing!


Landscape Design Options

There are a few options on tools to use when deciding what you want your property to look like. Here at CLC Inc. We use 2d and 3d design options to help you get a better idea of what can be done to your landscape. We want what’s best for your property and these tools can be helpful to fulfilling that.

2D Design

A 2D landscape design gives you an idea of what your landscape will look like in terms of dimensions, planting areas and other visual elements. This is also known as a bermudagrass lawn landscape plan and we can include any number of items to your project such as trees, shrubs or site structures with this service.

3D Design

A 3D design is a very cost-efficient way to see exactly how your landscape will look on site. We are able to show you the final layout of your project before any trees, shrubs or other plant material has been installed. This helps ensure that all elements of the landscaping plan will fit on site and can be viewed from different 3D angles. With this design it also allows you to have a “walkthrough tour” of the design.


Is a Landscape Designer Worth it?


Whatever the task, we can help customize, design, and implement your dream for your lawn. These landscape designs can increase your property value significantly and give you a substantial return on investment if you go to sell property.

Custom Design

We offer the ability to fully customize your landscape design. This could mean renovating your entire landscape with water features, hardscapes, and a beautiful front lawn layout, or it could simply mean taking a section of your lawn to redesign.

Easy to Maintain

Not only do they add property value, but a renovated landscape can create a lawn that is easier to maintain while still being even more beautiful.


We will help you find the best use of the lawn you have so that you are not overwhelmed with maintenance and have a gorgeous lawn that can be lived in and enjoyed.

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