Lawn & Artificial Turf Installation and Repair

When you are adding new landscaping to your property, one of the most important steps is the design process.

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artificial turf installation

Artificial Grass Installers in Lynchburg

CLC Inc strives to provide new turf installation that is second to none. The variety of sods and artificial turf in Central Virginia are popular for conference center landscaping, big box retail stores, office landscapes, walkways or playgrounds. Whether you need lawn repair service from our company – or sod grass (or even just a patch!) CLC Inc will complete all your needs!


Sod is the more popular option that is used due to its instant appeal. Sod can be laid down as is or watered on to get new roots in order to make it more resistant to wear and tear. New sod will most likely have to be cut and trimmed for slightly uneven areas before laying.


Hydroseeding is a process that uses mulch to replace soil when it has been lost. It provides protection for slopes and hillsides, allowing them to be more easily navigated without the risk of erosion or landslides. This technique can also provide an attractive way for areas with sloping lawns and gardens to grow green grasses.

Synthetic Turf Installation Services

Artificial turf is becoming more popular due to the reducing of ongoing maintenance cost and also ecological friendly style of grass. Our professional artificial grass installation contractors work directly with designers to create and install synthetic grass systems that complement your unique landscape.

Artificial grass is ideal for homeowners who have aesthetic concerns about the upkeep of their existing lawn. It’s used in many different applications such as high traffic areas. Our installation includes, but is not limited to, the following: Removal of old lawn and preparation work for new lawn including grading, seeding or other necessary soil treatments.

Lawn Repair Services


The lawn in your yard is likely to sustain some level of wear and tear over time. Grass that has been trampled, used as a walkway, or stepped on can become thin and unhealthy looking. Our Lawn repair services can help you restore your lawn to a more beautiful condition, with healthy, thick grass that is likely to last for many years. We will have your damaged grass looking green in no time! Our team at CLC inc specializes in lawn repair that will have your grass looking great in no time.

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