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Keeping your property beautiful all year is a marathon, not a sprint.

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Commercial Lawn Care Company in Lynchburg

If you are searching for high-quality commercial lawn care services in Lynchburg, then look no further than the professionals at CLC Inc. Our Landscaping Services proudly stands as the premier lawn care service in Lynchburg, VA.

Renowned for our unwavering commitment to excellence, we bring a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of Lynchburg’s unique environment to every lawn care project.

Commercial Lawn Care Services in Lynchburg

A commitment to consistent lawn care in all seasons leads to great curb appeal, higher property values, reducing liability, and better customer experiences. Studies show that employees, tenants, and customers believe a well cared for property is more professional.

Keeping your grounds looking great, safe, and running efficiently every season is easy with a full-service commercial lawn care partner. We are dedicated to helping property managers boost curb appeal.

Imagine that:

  • You eliminate worrying about your grounds and stay focused on your residents, supervisors, or customers.
  • Your mind is at ease knowing all of your locations are served equally well.
  • You can take credit for all the things going well, rather than dealing with phone calls about problems.
  • You have a great looking property without having to think about it
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Three Steps To Stress Free Lawn Care in Lynchburg

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Keep your turf or grass neat with weekly mowing and trimming. From edging to blowing clippings, your property will always look pristine.

Make sure your grass stays neat and green with regular fertilization and weed control. We spray weed control products that will kill weeds- not your grass. And fertilization keeps your actual turf the perfect green.

If your turf has seen better days, all is not lost! We may not have to start fresh with a new installation. Instead, we can revive your grass, bringing it back to the gorgeous green you wanted.

Aeration and seeding is an important fall task that prepares your grass to be ready as soon as spring weather comes. We will aerate the ground, loosening the soil for the seeds that we will then spread across the property.

Avoid unsightly piles of leaves and debris on your property. We'll come in and remove leaves and other debris during the fall, as well as continue to maintain your property through the winter.

Fresh mulch in the spring will brighten up your property after the winter. The mulch also protects your shrubs, trees, and other plants.

Make sure your plant and flower beds are kept neat and free of weeds and debris!

Great landscaping starts with proper tree and shrub care. Large, well-established and healthy trees it, but fertilizing smaller trees and shrubs will pay big dividends in return for your feeding investment during their first several years.

Flowers are a great way to brighten up your property, either seasonally or annually! Once a year, we will install flowers and we will maintain them throughout the season or year.

Whether it's undesirable plants, or plants in undesirable locations, vegetation seems to have a mind of its own! We'll make sure any weeds or invading vegetation is controlled.

If your property has been unused, vegetation such as trees, bushes, and other brush will grow up uncontrollably. While it will likely be too much for a lawn mower, we have the equipment to clear your property!

With irrigation, you never have to worry about a dry year making your property look dull and drab. We'll ensure that your plants, flowers, and grass have adequate water during the seasons they need it.

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