Spring Cleanup and Mulch

Lynchburg Mulching Service

Mulching is an essential part of a healthy and beautiful landscape. It’s also one of the best ways to conserve water during summer time. No matter what type of landscape you have, chances are there is some form of mulch that will work for you. Here at CLC Inc. we provide mulching services that will beautify and protect your landscape. We can apply mulch to everything including:

  • Shrubs
  • Trees
  • Flower beds
  • Playgrounds
  • Commercial Lots
  • and more
lynchburg mulching service

Lawn Mulching Services

Not only will fresh mulch in the spring brighten up your property after the winter, but the mulch also protects your shrubs, trees, and other plants as well!

Benefits of Mulch

It can greatly reduce the amount of weeds or other unwanted plants in the garden. Mulching is also important for giving your gardens a well-manicured and crisp finish. It helps your plants show through beautifully when they are in full bloom, and also gives those plants added nutrients and moisture retention so that they stay healthy

Reduce Soil Erosion

Another benefit of mulching is its ability to reduce soil erosion. During the rainy months, it can be easy for soil to become saturated in water and erode, but mulch reduces the danger of this soil erosion.


We provide professional mulching services so that your gardens can reap these benefits while also looking polished and refined.

Different Types of Mulch

There are two main types of mulch, organic and inorganic mulches. Organic mulch includes: grass clippings, leaves, straws and even paper. Inorganic materials include black plastic which helps maintain soil temperature but doesn’t decompose like organic products do over time


Organic Mulch

Organic mulches have numerous advantages. They are inexpensive, easy to obtain in most regions, they decompose rapidly and the compost produced by them is rich in nutrients and organic matter. Mulching with organic material also promotes healthy soil life.

Inorganic Mulch

Inorganic mulches are good insulators and prevent moisture loss in the soil. Some types of inorganic mulch reflect sunlight back onto plants preventing water evaporation from the soil surface.

Get Started With Your Mulch Today!

Your mulch is one of the first thing customers will notice about your landscape, so it is important that it always looks its best. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of service, so you can rest assured knowing that our work will leave your mulch looking wonderful.