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Warm Weather Is Here, How Will You Stay Cool This Summer?

Cost Factors – What does a pool cost?

People’s least favorite answer when asking for a cost estimate is “it depends”. When installing a pool this answer could not be more accurate. The material used greatly varies the costs for example; fiberglass costs more initially but has cheaper maintenance. The design of pavers or concrete texture chosen for the pool deck is another cost variant.
Because this is an investment into your home value and a big decision we offer free consultations to help you understand your options.

Time – How long does installing a pool take?

From excavation to installation and finishing your brand new pool can be done before the heat is gone. Pools can also be installed in waves. Have us install your swimming area and then come back for your complete outdoor living area renovation.

Maintenance – What is involved with keeping a pool running?

Skimming, Vacuuming, Brushing, Cleaning Filters,
Cartridge filters, Pool Heater Maintenance (if installed), Maintaining pH & Water Level, Leak Detection,
Winterizing & Reopening.
Most of this can all be taken care of by a single service provider for $75-$200 a month depending on pool size, material, & whether you install a heater.

With all that involved, why do people still get pools?

It’s the 4th of July, you’ve got burgers on the grill and the kids are splashing about in the pool jumping off the diving board trying to make trick shots in the pool hoop.
This is why the investment of a pool is worth it, never-mind the increase in home value it offers.

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