Residential Landscaping Lynchburg

At CLC Inc., we are committed to providing the best residential landscaping and lawn care services in Lynchburg and surrounding areas that help you create the outdoor space of your dreams. Whether you’re looking to enhance your existing landscape or start from scratch with a brand new design, our team of expert designers and landscapers can help make it happen.

Our Landscaping Services in Lynchburg include hardscape installations, lawn mowing, mulching, fertilization, aeration, and more to help keep your lawn healthy and green! Prevent weed overgrowth, sparse patches, and unhealthy turf with proper ongoing turf maintenance. We nourish your grass with aeration and overseeding, mulching, and fertilization programs, and then make sure it stands out and blooms in the spring with stunning floral accents.

Residential Lawn Care

CLC, Inc. teams will not just ‘mow’ your lawn when we schedule each visit – we will cross cut it in different directions each week to ensure your turf is able to breathe and so ruts do not form over time. With each lawn care service visit we cut the grass more than once so that it doesn’t compact and cause thatch to develop. We then blow off all the hard surfaces – even the ones we didn’t necessarily work near – so your patio, etc. will also be blown off. This just makes it look nicer and gives you that manicured feeling. The weeds in the beds are spot treated and-or pulled, and any errant or random growth or sprigs on bushes and trees are trimmed. We want it looking beautiful and neat.

hardscape installation lynchburg


Hardscapes are outdoor features that improve the function, appeal, and longevity of your yard. These spaces can be something small and simple like a retaining wall or an outdoor kitchen. Or, they could be more complex structures like a water feature or pergola installed with pavers.

mulching lynchburg


Mulching your garden improves the soil and can help make your garden more attractive. Proper Mulching and Bed Definition for your flower beds, shrubbery, and trees landscape will not only give your property a crisp, clean, and manicured look, but it will also drastically reduce the amount of time spent weeding and fighting pests.

lawn fertilizer


We offer custom Lawn Care and Fertilization services to help you maintain a lush and healthy lawn. We examine your property thoroughly in order custom tailor a program for you where we disperse the correct fertilizer for your type of grass, in the right amount, at intervals that will be most effective.

Aeration Lynchburg


Aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the roots in your grass. This helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn. Overseeding is the planting of grass seed directly into existing turf, without tearing up the soil. Done right, aeration and over-seeding together will give your lawn a brand-new look!

shrub and tree care lynchburg


Great landscaping starts with proper tree and shrub care. It is true that large, well-established and healthy trees may not need much supplemental feeding, but fertilizing smaller trees and shrubs will pay big dividends in return for your feeding investment during their first several years on your property. Your payback will include better resistance to disease.



At CLC we specialize in new lawn installation. Choose from a variety of sods to match your design and have us install them for you. We install completely new turf and lawns and repair existing lawn problems.


From Hardscape installation and Lawn Care to Mulching and Fertilization, CLC provides comprehensive Residential Lawn Care Services so that you don’t have to. Having our professional team of experienced professionals regularly trim, prune, and service your property insures that it is always the best looking yard in the neighborhood.

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