Restaurant Landscaping Ideas to Boost Foot Traffic

From the dining room to the patio, plants and outdoor landscaping can improve your customers' experiences. Let’s take a look at some of the best landscape ideas for restaurants.

Looking to shape up the landscape design of your restaurant? From the dining room to the patio, plants and outdoor landscaping can improve your customers’ experiences. Let’s take a look at some of the best commercial landscape design ideas for restaurants.


5 Landscaping Ideas for Restaurants


1.) Spruce Up Your Entrance

If you run a successful restaurant, then you likely end up with a wait list, especially on the weekends. This list can sometimes mean a wait of over an hour for the most popular restaurants.

You can create a relaxing entryway for your guests to wait by adding some greenery. This can be anything from seasonal planter boxes, to a lush oasis with benches and a Koi pond. If you’re short on space, consider vertical gardens to save room for your customers.

And don’t forget the parking lot! Raised beds, trees, or even just neatly cut grass can improve the look and feel of your parking area.

2.) Build an Inviting Patio Area

It’s no secret that having a lively patio can lead to a successful bar or restaurant. To figure out how to design your patio, start by asking yourself a few questions about your restaurant, and its patrons.

Is your business known as the perfect place to watch the game? If so, then consider a simple graveled space with a fireplace for your guests to sit around. Add a couple TV’s and a few heaters for the colder months to add to the draw.

Do you run a more sophisticated, yet casual and family friendly dining restaurant? Then build a place that’s calm and inviting, that will keep kids and parents entertained.

Try a large brick fireplace with a seating area on the hearth. Throw in some larger-than-life games like cornhole or checkers, and you’ll soon have the best restaurant patio in your city.

The most important thing to have in your outdoor dining area is seating. Outdoor seating will get crowded by patrons hoping to enjoy a nice day!

3.) Grow Your Own Vegetables

By starting and cultivating your own garden you will have added life and color to your restaurant. Growing your own product can cut down on produce costs during certain seasons. Growing your produce also provides variety as you harvest different vegetables and herbs during different seasons.

Instead, your chef can pick ripe tomatoes right from the vine, and harvest fresh cabbage, carrots, and other vegetables. Not only is this a great healthy alternative, it gives your restaurant individuality.

4.) Build a Trellis

If you’re looking for a soothing, decorative statement landscaping piece, consider buying or building a trellis. A trellis is a structure that supports the growth of climbing plants, such as vines. Common plants used on trellises are wisteria, climbing roses, hydrangeas, bougainvillea, and trumpet vines.

You can opt to build it from scratch with thin lattice boards, and start the vine growing process organically. Or you can choose the premade route that is a little more expensive, but much faster. Just have a pre-manufactured trellis installed, and decorate it with healthy mature vines.

5.) Build a Water Feature

Building a water feature is one of the best possible landscaping ideas for restaurants. From koi ponds, to center stage fountains, or even babbling brooks, there is a water feature that will fit your restaurant’s aesthetic.

While water features tends to be an expensive investment, they are a worthwhile addition to your restaurant. Many restaurants are known for more than just their food. Beautiful landscaping pieces such as water features stay in the memory of first-time guests, and keeps them coming back.

A water feature can also be a great opportunity to create a city-wide tradition for your restaurant. For example, a waterfall fountain can become known as a wishing well. Your guests, and tourists will toss in a penny and a dream every time they stop by. Traditions build a restaurant’s personality and help build business.

CLC Can Make it Happen

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When you hire CLC as your landscaping partner, you will ensure that success continues.  Our experienced crew of landscaping professionals can help you build upon your restaurant’s success! We’ll help you create an outdoor space that attracts guests, and keeps them coming back time and again.

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