Christmas Light Decorating Services Roanoke VA

We are a Christmas light installation and decorating service serving the Roanoke VA area

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Christmas Light Decorating Services Roanoke VA

CLC Inc. specialize in Christmas light installation and decorating services for both residential and commercial customers in Roanoke Virginia. We understand that the holiday season can be a busy time of year, so let us take care of your holiday lighting needs! We offer light maintenance throughout the duration of the holidays, along with removal at the end of the season.

View it Before you Commit!

We know how important it is for you to be able to see the final product before making a decision. CLC Inc. We want to make sure you love your lights before we even start the installation process, that’s why we offer our interactive custom design process.

We create a computerized rendering of your design to help you visualize your project. You can change your design completely, or enhance your existing design each year. Energy efficient LED lighting to save on your energy costs. UL-Rated, outdoor extension cords. Commercial quality decorations for better aesthetics and longevity.

Residential Christmas Light Installation

Whether it’s because you can’t get out and decorate yourself, or simply because you don’t have time, there’s no need to miss out on having a gorgeously decorated home. We’re here to help make your holiday season hassle-free, with our residential Christmas light installation service.

Commercial Christmas Light Installation

We understand that first impressions are important for businesses. With all of the Christmas activities we have here in Roanoke, like The City of Roanoke Christmas Parade, you want your business to make a good impression.

That’s why we offer commercial Christmas light installation services to help you create a stunning display that will grab the attention of potential customers. Everyone enjoys the warmth of the season and holiday decorations make your clients want to stay and enjoy the atmosphere longer.

Events & Parties

Decorating the outside of a building for a major event or party is a great way to extend the magic, but it can add hours of prep time. Let us take the hassle out of party prep with our professional Christmas light installation services. We’ll make sure your event space is beautifully lit so you can focus on enjoying the festivities.

Three Steps To Stress Free Snow & Ice Maintenance

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