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Commercial Law Mowing, Edging, and Trimming Service in Lynchburg

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Commercial Law Mowing and Trimming Service in Lynchburg

Taking care of your lawn is an essential part of a healthy and beautiful landscape. As a commercial business owner, it’s important to have an appealing lawn that attracts customers and clients. Our commercial lawn mowing service in Lynchburg and Central Virginia will make sure your lawn is mowed to proper height every week, trimmed around your sidewalks or other landscape features, and edged along your curbs

Lawn Edging and Trimming Company

Having a well, maintained, appealing lawn will make your building more appealing and boost foot track to your business.

Commercial Lawn Mowing

Having your lawn at proper mowing heights can be important in numerous ways. Mowing the turf taller promotes more shade to the area, allowing cooler root temperature and inhibiting the sunlight required for weed seed germination This also helps retain soil moisture, minimizing the need for irrigation or watering. Mowing properly creates a stronger turf with less weeds.

Lawn Trimming

Trimming grass is another way we help you maintain a healthier looking lawn. Doing this before you mow the lawn means you can cut an obstacle around the tree or other object, which means you have fewer maneuvers to make with your mower in order to make sure every blade near the obstacle gets cut. We trim around trees and other plants since the lawnmower blade can only get so close to them due to the body of the mower housing the blade.

Lawn Edging

Edging keeps the grass from creeping into the landscape beds, so that your hard work to plant flowers and mulch your bed doesn’t get overshadowed by the grass peeking up through your mulch. It also gives your lawn a very clean, crisp look, making your lawn eye appealing to clients and customers.

Commercial Lawn Mowing

Maintaining your Lawn

CLC provides quality service to keep your commercial turf or grass neat with weekly mowing and trimming. We use the lawn mowing equipment that fits your lawn to provide the best results for your particular turf. As a commercial business owner, its beneficial to allow a lawn mowing service, like CLC, to take care of lawn care for you so that you can focus on running your business.

Should you Trim or Mow first?

Actually, you should edge your lawn before you trim or mow. At CLC, we start by edging your lawn, then we trim, and lastly, we mow. Edging your lawn first allows you to create a nice smooth transition between the grass and the landscape bed, as well as giving you a cleaner appearance when you are done. You create less work for yourself later on, making it easier to maneuver the mower, ensuring us to provide you with a uniform cut.

How to Trim Lawn Edges

When trimming lawn edges, be careful not to cut into the grass too close to the ground. This could cause water damage to your lawn and may lead to weeds growing in the area. Also, when cutting around trees, shrubs, and other plants, try to keep the mower blade at least 6 inches away from the plant. If you accidentally hit the plant, you could damage it. 

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