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Vegetation Management Services in Lynchburg VA

With years of experience and training, CLC Inc. has certified technicians that are fully equipped to properly identify and treat weeds in a safe, effective manner. We understand how difficult maintaining healthy lawns and gardens can be – that is why we provide comprehensive care that allows you to enjoy lush growth without the headache of constantly dealing with undesired plants and weeds.

What is Vegetation Control?

Vegetation control is the process of systematically removing unwanted weeds, plants and other vegetation, without causing harm to other wildlife.


Overgrown weeds and plants can present a hazard for both people and animals, making it difficult to spot trip hazards, or even becoming a hazard themselves.

Additionally, untamed plants may cover road signs, street signs, and can make it difficult for wild animals to find or reach their food.

Competition with Other Plants

When unwanted vegetation grows near desired plants, it can begin to take the water, food and sunlight from the other plants, causing them to dwindle in health or die.

There are three main methods of vegetation control, including moving, trimming and chemical control. The right choice for you will depend on the types of unwanted vegetation that is growing, how far it has spread, what plants are growing near the unwanted vegetation and the results you would like.

Why Is Vegetation Control Important?

One of the main reasons vegetation control is carried out is to maintain or improve the aesthetics of an outdoor space. Of course, unwanted weeds, plants and vegetation can grow anywhere, and it’s not just homeowners that may need to keep on top of their vegetation. In fact, vegetation control may be carried out around public buildings, pathways, car parks and many other spaces to improve the aesthetics of the space.

We understand aesthetics matter as much as functionality when it comes to landscaping projects. Our services minimize damage to desired plants while selectively targeting weeds that detract from your space’s appearance and character. You can trust us to take special care with all the vegetation surrounding your outdoor areas for a perfectly polished look year-round.

At CLC Inc., we prioritize excellence in customer service and satisfaction above all else – contact us today so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best possible solution available!

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