What is Commercial Grounds Maintenance?

Commercial grounds maintenance services help keep the landscape of a business property healthy, attractive, safe and clean for local community members, such as potential customers and business staff. Commercial lawn care services can be as simple as mowing lawns, mulching landscape, and leaf removal.  It can also involve more detailed work, involving hardscapes, shrub and tree planting, and floral installation.

Commercial Grounds Maintenance

CLC’s landscaping services help you and your business attract more visitors and keep tenants happier.  We are a Commercial Landscaping Company in Lynchburg, Virginia offering commercial landscape maintenance, landscape enhancements and comprehensive commercial grounds maintenance plans designed to meet your needs all year-round. We work with each of our customers, whether its a hotel, apartment complex, or another commercial property, to create a plan for improving the overall appearance of your property while staying within your budget. At CLC, Incorporated, our professional landscaping team performs the following commercial landscape services to ensure commercial properties will look their best:

Commercial Lawn Maintenance Services

Snow & Ice Maintenance Lynchburg has seen an increasing amount of intense snow storms over the past several winters. Inclement weather continues to become an issue and a safety concern for consumers.  CLC snow and ice management can help you make a plan to get your street clean, get out of your driveway, and open your business as fast as possible. We have dedicated ourselves in several areas for winter weather grounds maintenance: Good pre-season planning, proper insurance, stocked de-icing materials, the best equipment the market has to offer, and efficient communication during snow events are all necessary to be a great snow contractor. When you rely on CLC you can stay ahead of the weather, avoid property disruptions, and reduce risk of liability. Our snow removal professionals are on call 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, keeping an eye on weather, and coordinating with our snow removal team.

24/7 Snow & Ice Management Services

  • Parking Lot Clearing
  • Sidewalk Clearing
  • Winter Storm Preparation
  • Parking Lot De-Icing
  • Sidewalk De-Icing
  • Snow Hauling Services

Don’t Forget: Get Your FREE Quote Today! Exterior Maintenance Plan for Properties: We proudly design, install, and maintain your landscaping so you can stay focused on your commercial business.  CLC is a full-season commercial landscaping management company who makes sure that you have someone you can connect with at any time. What Areas Do We Serve?
CLC Landscaping is a full service commercial landscaping and lawn care firm in Lynchburg, VA that services all of the surrounding Central Virginia. We serve local commercial businesses and rental properties in the following areas:

What sets us apart from the others?

  • We understand the balance of property goals and budgets!

That’s exactly why we offer a complete range of landscaping services, and create custom, multi-year landscape plans to fit your budget and property goals. Proactive landscape management, identifying landscape issues early, and monitoring the health of the landscape are ways to keep long term maintenance costs low.

Whether you are a grounds manager for a facility or university, a president of an HOA, a property manager of several properties, or a general manager of a restaurant, we can take the burden of managing a landscape.

Know what to expect and what questions you can confidently ask when it comes to your commercial landscaper: Download your free Landscaping Checklist to see exactly what you need to get the best commercial grounds maintenance service.

  • Keeping your property beautiful all year is a marathon, not a sprint.

A commitment to consistent lawn care in all seasons leads to great curb appeal, higher property values, reducing liability, and better customer experiences. Studies show that employees, tenants, and customers believe a well cared for property is more professional.

Keeping your grounds looking great, safe, and running efficiently every season is easy with a full-service commercial lawn care partner. We are dedicated to helping property managers boost curb appeal.

With CLC, Inc. you can:

  • Eliminate worry and focus on your residents, supervisors, or customers.
  • Keep your mind at ease knowing all of your locations are served equally well.
  • Have a great looking property without having to think about it

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For any commercial grounds maintenance service needs, you can trust our team of experts to work with you and your budget. We provide quality customer service and a wide array of services that are tailored specifically for business owners and property managers who want their spaces maintained beautifully without emptying the bank account. From lawn care to landscape design, we do it all! Don’t forget about our free quote offer and connect with us on Facebook!  Be sure to get yours today so you don’t miss out on this great opportunity for your business

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