What to Expect from Your Commercial Landscaping Contractor

When the time comes to choose your professional landscape company, it’s important to select the right team of expert professionals to guarantee the best results. There are certain expectations that you, as a potential customer, should look for when hiring a valuable, quality commercial landscaping company. Whether its for a church, golf course, apartment complex, hotel, or something else, the following list provides the top ten standards for you to know exactly what an excellent, professional team should do to best serve you and your property.


1. A Wide Range of Commercial Landscaping Services

First and foremost, the commercial landscaping company should not only provide the specific products or services you need, but a variety of landscaping services, even in winter months.

Make sure that your ideal company can sufficiently provide exactly what your outdoor spaces and landscape require, such as commercial landscape maintenance; as well as other services that are a reflection of the skills and expertise a high-quality team should have. Some of these common lawn maintenance and landscaping services include:

  • Grass Mowing
  • Edging
  • Installing flowers, trees, and other plants
  • Pull out weeds in flower beds and between the side-walk cracks around the building
  • Turn over the dirt in all the flowerbeds each week.
  • Pick up any trash around the property.
  • Broom, blow or hose down the walkways, especially after mowing.
  • Cut, trim and thin any shrubs or bushes.


2. Client Testimonials

When doing your research, it’s a great idea to take a look into the customer testimonial page on the company’s website, social media, or search engine results . If there are none, be careful! Not having client reviews can mean the company either may be a new up-and-coming company with little expertise, or they simply haven’t yet earned any positive feedback.

Make sure the client testimonials are authentic and genuine; not staged, vague, or overly excitable. If there are genuine photos to provide more information, even better.  Understandably, some companies also like to respect client privacy, so there may not be photos or names attached.


3. Year-Round Maintenance

Not only should a reputable commercial landscaping company be available during spring and summer, but they should also have maintenance services targeting the fall and winter months.

Fall Services

Even when the weather cools down, there are some really important services your landscaping company should provide:

  • Leaf blowing and removal
  • Aeration and overseeding
  • Tree and shrub trimming
  • General tidying of the property (removing broken branches, etc)

Winter Services

Providing winter services such as snow and ice management or even assisting with festive light decorations during the holidays can mean a lot to your business.

Employees and customers will have safer access to your parking lot and facility and even improve morale and a sense of team during the holiday season. Conditions on your property can change quickly during winter storms. Having dedicated professionals stay in touch with you to keep you updated on progress is a sure sign that they value your satisfaction.


4. A Reputable Portfolio or References

A commercial landscaping company with the knowledge and experience you need will provide a portfolio that shows its clients what they are capable of. Services such as lawn care, landscape maintenance, and snow removal are only a few basic practices you should expect to see.

Another important quality to observe in their portfolio is consistency; the result of each property should be well kept, clean and attractive. Better yet, if there are photos with a certain company over a span of two or more years, it’s clear the client is satisfied and has become a loyal customer.

If the landscaping company doesn’t have a publically accessable portfolio, contact them about references from long term customers. Customers that don’t stick around are a red flag.


5. Sustainable Landscaping Methods

commercial-landscaping-lynchburg-va Sustainable landscaping methods consist of techniques used to responsibly reduce yard waste and conserve or reduce water use. For example, choosing plants that are the appropriate size for the lawn or landscape, using only the amount of water needed, and recycling project material waste. Selecting building materials from local sources is also a top priority when practicing methods of sustainable landscaping projects. 



6. Valuing Quality

When researching commercial landscapers, it is important to know how the company values the quality of its clients, staff and equipment. The ultimate priority for any company should be its clients.

Forward thinking is another great sign of high-quality landscaping teams. When a company invests in using quality equipment to get the job done right, they will see a big return on client satisfaction and loyalty. When hiring a professional and personable staff with the right tools to serve the client, it is clear they are earning the respect of top-quality clients.


7. Clients in Various Industries

For a commercial landscaping company to have a list of clients in varying industries, means the company certainly has the experience to handle your business. The wide range of businesses means more experience with landscape design and a reliable team that can be both efficient and effective.


8. Mission & Vision Statements

As simple as this may seem, it’s great to read what the company has written for their mission and vision. This can be a short, simple statement or a more detailed explanation of what their short- and long-term goals are as well as defining the company’s values and purpose. While it may not seem like one of the most important factors, it’s a good indication of their attention to detail and how they value the client’s needs.


9. Insurance and Licensing

When a company has insurance, you can feel confident that they are a reputable organization in the community. More than likely, professional commercial landscaping companies will have insurance in the case of an accident. For your safety, you want to make sure that the company hired to service your property is licensed to work directly in your area.

All companies should carry workers’ compensation insurance as well as general liability insurance. In addition to the insurance, the company should employ bonded workers. This means that the landscaping company is responsible for the well-being of their workers and any liable activity caused by their work.


10. Clear Communication and Setting Expectations

A clear sign of high quality customer service is not only talking but listening. Being aware of what the client needs, wants and expects to get in return. A client that has done their research and knows what they want is a great start to getting the best results.

The landscaping professionals should then clearly communicate what the client can expect in terms of labor and cost. If any of these are unclear, it’s best to make sure you both understand the goals and expectations so that everyone is on the same page.

Beyond that, they should communicate with you regularly regarding any improvements, suggestions, issues, etc that come up. Clear communication beyond the initial meetings is a great sign of a company who will treat you and your business well.

For a list of excellent questions to ask your commercial landscape maintenance crew, be sure to read our detailed customer information guide for commercial properties.[

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